Our Mission & FAQs

Our Mission

“HFRLA’s mission is to preserve and protect the High-Fishtrap-Rush Lakes and surroundings which include the headwaters of the Manitowish River for today and future generations.” The Association will work to enhance the water quality, biological integrity, fishery, public recreation, boating safety, and aesthetic values of the HFR area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Voting membership is available to any riparian property owner of the HFR lakes and to any person living for at least four weeks per annum within one mile of any shoreline of the HFR lakes. Non-voting membership is open to any person who chooses to join and pay an annual membership fee. Membership fees for all members are $25 per annum.

No. The fee is related to only one family or living unit. If a person(s) owns multiple real estate parcels, there is only one fee and correspondingly, there would be only one vote.

You may use the membership application link on the home page, contact a member of the board of directors, or email the Association at [email protected]. Applications should be mailed to: HFRLA, PO Box 122, Boulder Junction, WI 54512.

No, however, as with any group or organization of people who work for a common cause, social and inter-personal relationships become a key by-product of the success of the organization. Many of our members would testify to the development of many long-lasting friendships between members.

Our members receive a great deal of satisfaction knowing they are contributing in some fashion to the maintenance of the ecological integrity of our lakes. As mentioned above, our members have achieved many robust and long lasting friendships with other property owners on and near our lakes. Additionally, each member receives a copy of our semi-annual newsletter which is often regarded as one of the best in the entire Northwoods area.


No. Many of our members have chosen to supplement their annual membership with an additional donation, but it is neither required nor expected. From time to time our board of directors will solicit for additional contributions to fund specific projects or needs, but again, it is strictly voluntary.

Yes. HFRLA is an approved 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. We are now annually mailing contribution acknowledgement.

Absolutely. We are always looking for candidates to join our board of directors regardless of any personal experience or background. We also have a variety of on-going activities related to water quality, invasive species, and the monitoring of our wildlife. Use the information on our contact page.