Walleye Stocking Update

Good news to share with our members regarding the Walleye stocking project. Eric Wegleitner, DNR fisheries biologist, from the Woodruff Station, has tentatively approved our project but has required us to obtain Upper Mississippi strain Walleye for stocking in our lakes. He recommended stocking 5,500 fish based on a stocking rate of 5 fish per acre on High and Fishtrap lakes.

Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The HFR Lake Association Board approved a project budget of $20,000 with a matching fund up to $10,000. Currently we have obtained $4,640 from our generous members so, as a result we have funded $9,280 using the matching fund, as of September 30, 2022. Recently, we have obtained favorable pricing from Silver Moon Springs Hatchery in Elton Wisconsin. They have committed to providing 5,500 extended growth walleye (5 to 9 inch fish) for a price in the range of $2.25 to $2.50 per fish (depending on diesel prices for delivery). This per fish price is much less than what we were quoted in 2020 during our planning phase. So as a result, our revised budget is now $15,000 but to complete the full stocking plan, we still need help. Contributions totaling $2,860 from our members will still be required to fully fund the project slated for October, 2023.

Prior to starting the walleye stocking project our members have contributed annually to the lake association for the purchase of walleye from the organization “Walleyes for Tomorrow, (WFT)”. Our committee has been in touch with Tom Kramer, the president of WFT and he’s indicated they are not able to produce 5,500 fish to meet our project needs. Currently, there is $3,175 in an HFR account designated for WTF. If necessary, to fully fund the project, the Walleye stocking committee may ask the members at the annual meeting to approve reallocation of WTF funds for use to complete the stocking plan to accomplish our full project budget goal.

Thanks for all the contributions and please continue to help us by including additional funds for the walleye project as you submit your annual dues contributions for 2023. Look for more information in our Spring newsletter regarding the status of the stocking project. The target number of fish was set by WDNR biologist to establish a sustainable breeding population of fish using the current walleye bag limits and regulations.